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Cosmos Points

What are Cosmos Points?

We LOVE our customers, and that’s why all of our loyal customers deserve a special treat every now and again.

Cosmos Points are the rewards you earn at Mahakal Cosmos when you sign up to an account and place an order with us.

Each time you spend one rupee at Mahakal Cosmos, you will earn Cosmos Point.
INR 200 = 1 Cosmos Point.

You can also earn Cosmos Points in return of your any previous purchase with us for Gold or Platinum jewelry. 

For example:

Value of your metal is 100 rupee, you will earn 75 Cosmos Points (75% of metal value).


How do I redeem my Cosmos Points?

For example, once you’ve reached 20 Cosmos Points, you’ll receive INR 20 of credit to spend at Mahakal Cosmos.

That is:

Accumulate 1 Cosmos Points and receive INR 1 discount at checkout.

1 Cosmos Point = INR 1

Please note that you need to have a registered account, this service is not available upon guest checkout.