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About Us

About Us

What is your heart’s deepest desire? Mahakal Cosmos is created to help you unlock the desire of your soul, and so much more. Astrology & Occult Science are a tremendous gift by our Great Sages to mankind as it acts as bridge between planets and the native.

Here at Mahakal Cosmos with the help of astrology, we help you learn and progress in your life's mission and thus, help you achieve balance and stability in life. Here we offer a wide array of natural colored gemstones - both precious stones & semi-precious stones, crystals and other sacred tools to enhance your life.

We believe that, Mythology never gets old because it’s about the basic nature of humanity and possibilities of human experience.

So we try to create High Quality New Age Store where Astrology Services, Gemstones, Crystals and lots more Spiritual products offerings for the Spiritually Minded People!

Why Us

At Mahakal Cosmos we always strive to counsel & dispense the best solutions to get rid of hurdles of your life with ease. We use a combination of scientific knowledge about the cosmos, scientific tools, intuition, and psychology. Every offering is bringing with sacred intention.

In addition, our spiritual blog offers guidance on leading a metaphysical lifestyle.