What are 7 Chakras of the Human Body?


The concept of 7 chakras traces back to early Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism it documents up to seven chakras, meanwhile, Buddhism mentions just five. The chakras are our vital points through which our energy flows and can also be called the Padma, which means "lotus". The energy flows through these channels with ascending and descending movements, while it forms a kind of spiral, turning like a wheel.


Within this group, there are the 7 basic or main chakras that are distributed from the lower part of the spine, where there is the Kundalini (energy tangled in the shape of a snake, which must be awakened) to the highest part of the head.

How does it work?

The main function of the chakras is to absorb the universal energy called Prana, metabolize it and feed it to different aspects of the human being to finally radiate energy outward. When the chakras are open, the energy can flow freely, with positive effects for both the mind and the body. However, if the chakras are closed, then the energy can no longer flow, forming a blockage that causes negative effects on the body, both physically and psychologically. 

Benefits of 7 Chakras?

As we have discussed earlier, 7 chakras provide healing properties that enhance wealth, health, prosperity, mental peace and financial stability in life. Also, it can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. Further, you can also keep it in a form of stone, tree or set of 7 stones. One should remember that there is no particular way or procedure to wear these chakras as jewelry.

What are these 7 chakras & where to locate them?

  1. Muladhara - Earth or Root chakra

    Muladhara comes from the words Mula, which means root and Dhara, which means support. This chakra is located at the base of the spine (where your tailbone is located) and is connected to the legs. Its role is to connect all of your energy with the Earth and it is called grounding. It helps in providing financial and emotional security. 


    If the first chakra is blocked, you will feel tired and exhausted, we will have problems with our teeth, kidneys, and joints. You can feel lost, apathetic, distrustful and without self-confidence.


    Energize your 1st chakra: Day to day activities like gardening, swimming or even playing in the leaves can energize your root chakra. Practicing yoga positions such as Vrksasana, the tree position, or Tadasana, the mountain position. 


    Color: Red

  2. Svadhisthana - Water or Sacral chakra

    It is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel, and is the chakra of emotions, spontaneity, creativity, pleasure, and sexuality. Therefore, it’s role is to connect the soul with the body. This chakra is the home of the creative life force energy that helps you enjoy your life here on Earth.


    If the second chakra is blocked, it will affect your emotions and can lead to depression, impotence, decreased sex drive and a lack of passion and creativity.


    Energize your 2nd chakra: It is important to enjoy life, like getting involved in something creative. Eat healthily and make love to your partner. 


    Color: Orange

  3. Manipura - Solar Plexus or Fire chakra

    It is located between the diaphragm and navel. It involves different parts of your body such as the skin, muscle system, stomach, liver, large intestine and glands and organs at the level of the solar plexus. It is also associated with the eyes, the sight and the muscles of the face. 


    If the third chakra is blocked, you will feel insecure, low self-esteem, introversion and a strong sense of inadequacy in all situations. On the physical level, however, problems arise such as liver disorders, nausea, ulcers, gastritis, difficulty digesting and coeliac disease.


    Energize your 3rd chakra: Try to do things that you know you’re good at. Refocus the power you have by opening up your heart with love and compassion. 


    Color: Yellow

  4. Anahata - Heart chakra

    This chakra translates to “unhurt” and it is associated with health. It can empower your love, compassion, and kindness. The fourth chakra is closely related to the heart, the circulatory system, lungs, heart plexus, the entire area of the chest and the breathing.


    If the fourth chakra is blocked, you will become cold towards your close ones and eventually yourself. It might result in circulatory problems. 


    Energize your 4th chakra: It may take some time for you to energize it, however, you can start by loving yourself. Once you can love yourself, then you will be able to spread that love towards your loved ones. 


    Color: Green

  5. Vishuddha - Cleansing or Throat chakra

    It is located right at the base of the throat and translates to “very pure.” This chakra lets you speak the truth with clarity as it gives voice to you. It will bring great creativity, which is a very powerful way to express yourself.


    If the fifth chakra is blocked, you will feel extremely shy and will lead to deep discomfort. Illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, mouth ulcers, speech disorders, but also ear aches and pains will appear.


    Energize your 5th chakra: Try expressing your feelings by speaking the truth. It is really important to let go of your emotions. 


    Color: Light blue

  6. Ajna - Chakra of the Light or of the Third Eye

    This chakra is located in the head, between the eyebrows, and is the symbol of intuition and sight beyond appearances and beyond even reality itself. This chakra opens up your mind to information beyond the material world and it translates to “beyond wisdom”.


    If the sixth chakra is blocked, you will feel disconnected from spiritual experiences and might become selfish, cynical, materialistic, cold & calculative. 


    Energize your 6th chakra: In order to energize your chakra, you need to mediate. Get used to the feeling of focusing on signals outside of your physical body and you will find it easier to connect. 


    Color: Indigo

  7. Sahasrara - Crown chakra

    It is the chakra of knowledge as it depends on pure consciousness energy. It is linked to the energy of the universe. Whoever reaches this stage will have understood the mysteries of life, including birth and death.


    If the seventh chakra is blocked, that means you are a human as it is difficult to open this chakra. 


    Energize your 7th chakra: Yoga positions such as Sirsasana or Sasangasana helps in stimulating the top of the head can be really helpful. Don’t rush into achieving this 7th chakra and instead focus on the remaining 6 chakras. 


    Color: Violet or white