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Onyx Ganesha Idol (Dark Green)

Idol – Ganesha

Color – Green

Material – Onyx

Size – 3 inches approx

The green onyx gemstone is much similar to black onyx as it is a type of onyx gemstone group. It’s smooth, elegant, and very powerful gemstone. The green onyx gemstone is believed to boost confidence and attract positive energy. Onyx helps to get rid of negative energy and makes room for positive energies to flow. This strong protective stone deflects negative energy during conflict and provides guidance.

Onyx also helps release pain from emotional wounds and helps one move on from feelings of sorrow, grief, or depression.

Healing Properties: -

This gemstone is also popular medicine along with physical and mental development. The healing properties of green onyx can be understood as given below.

1. Controlling blood pressure

2. Used to improve speech disorders

3. Used to improve the bones, hair, and teeth

4. Helpful in treating ulcers

* Please note that each crystal is unique therefore there may be a slight variation in color.

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