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Marriage Compatibility (Gun Milan)

Marriage Compatibility (Gun Milan)
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Marriage Compatibility (Gun Milan)
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Marriage Compatibility or Match Making Report is not only Ashtakoota (Gun Milan) & Manglik (Kuja) Dosha, but very detailed observations & calculations include in this. We can help you in this major decision of life by analyzing the horoscope of both the partners.

In Mahakal Cosomos, we concentrate on the analysis of horoscope for major aspects of life. We try to provide you exhaustive analysis of both the horoscope and prepare the best and genuine report to lead a compatible married life.

The report comes inclusive of:

  • Longevity & Health
  • Mental & psychological compatibility
  • Separative tendencies
  • Progeny (Child birth)
  • Financial prosperity
  • Yogas present in both Horoscope
  • Malefic content or Dosha present in both Horoscope
  • Analysis of Karkas (Venus, Jupiter & Mars)
  • Analysis of Horoscope Matching
  • Koota (Gun) Milan table with Number obtained
  • Name Compatibility of both partners
  • Astrological recommendations or remedies
  • Any Query related to the report within 15 days of delivery will be entertained free of cost


Astrological Match Making is often wrongly understood, it’s not the first stage of negotiation whereas it should reserve until all other considerations have been taken as Marriage is a lifelong alliance in between prospective groom, bride & their families as well. The task of matching begins only after found all other Non- Astrological factor like academic qualification, physical appearance, culture etc. are suitable to both sides.

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