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Brand: Mahakal Cosmos Model: Navratan Stone Tabletop Brass Tortoise / Kachua
Navratan Stone Tabletop Brass Tortoise / KachuaPlacement of tortoise for stabilizing energy, as a reptilian species, the Tortoise has held the fascination of so many people, in and out of the scientific community, because of its ability to live for more than a hundred years. In the same light, th..
Ex Tax:₹1,200.00
Brand: Mahakal Cosmos Model: Swastik Navaratan Gold Plated Pendant
Swastik Navratan Gold Plated PendantAccording to mythology, the Nine gems Represent nine planets as per Coral for Mars, Pearl for Moon, Ruby for Sun, Emerald for mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus,Blue Sapphire for Saturn,Zircon for Rahu, and Cat’s Eye for Ketu and So for the..
Ex Tax:₹240.00
Brand: Mahakal Cosmos Model: Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) - Bangkok (Basic)
Allow us to select a Natural Economy Yellow Sapphire gemstone of Economy Quality from our offline inventory of gemstones. The selected gemstone shall be of relatively the same quality as those shown in the sample photographs, with weight within -0.2ct to +0.5ct range from your selection. Gemston..
Ex Tax:₹500.00
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